Why do you need a keyword position tracker?

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Many self-styled SEO experts believe that tracking keywords is obsolete. However, a keyword position tracker is something that people who really know about SEO and take a long view will still recommend.

What is a keyword position tracker?

A keyword position tracker, or seo keyword rank tracker, is a piece of software that allows for the tracking of multiple (up to thousands, usually) keywords accoss multiple pages. It will spit out data over time telling you how Google is seeing these keywords. So why do savvy SEO experts care so much about this?

Why is it useful?

One example of when tracking keywords is very useful is if you have a sudden change of traffic. If it goes up, you want to know what to do to keep things going that way; if it’s going the other way, you want to know how to fix it. This especially allows you to keep track of potential erroneous internal penalties or spam hits by Google that you maybe otherwise wouldn’t even have noticed.

Another great example:

SEO professionals need to always remember that half of all links out there will never be clicked on, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. Using a seo keyword rank tracker allows you to see this value up front, instead of just guessing at it, or even worse, assuming it doesn’t exist. Of course, if a link really has no value, you will be able to use this tool to tell that it doesn’t in a much more definitive and precise manner.

Don’t just use it on yourself

Tracking keywords is sometimes a technique best applied to your competitors. Once again, the strategy is a double one. You can use it to positively imitate your competitors’ successes, and also to learn from their mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them yourself. It can sometimes even be used to figure out or at least get close to exactly what strategies your competitors may be using!

In conclusion, tracking keywords is one of the most intelligent tools the SEO professional has in his or her arsenal. They are still very much valid today, perhaps even more so as Google has gotten a lot more efficient and organic with its newer algorithms. This means, in turn, that this kind of data has never been more meaningful than it is now.

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