SEO link building service – Cautionary advice to take beforehand!

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History has it that where some space for an opportunity occurs, alongside arrive goods and evils to help or to trick. The Internet comes no different when it comes to this. Millions of articles get published every day about cyber scams and how to deal with it (data has it that nearly half million websites get registered everyday), but sometimes these scams disguise themselves very wisely that many fall into their hooks. Lately, when SEO has been proving a necessity for an online business or platform, many SEO link-building-service providing companies have been trying to delude and deceive those tenderfeet into this field. This not only leads to a bad reputation of the website before search engines, but because of the black hat tactics that get used without their information, their websites get banned from getting indexed due to flouting of those guidelines provided by those very search engines. Although, there is no one-word solution that could appear at a mere finger-snapping, there are few precautions that could be taken beforehand.

Look out for these things before opting for an SEO link-building service!

Here is a list to serve you our expertise about how to keep those scammers and newbies at bay:

  • They try to use luring phrases as their bait: People are smart and they nearly know what tricks people into the trap. A scammer or a sham would always want to veil its foul flesh with words of lure. When you hear these sentences – “We have someone at a higher level at Google who has the secret”, “We will get you some 5000 visitors from the very beginning”, “We have a network spread over the internet that helps in instant link building”, “We will host your website and create all social media profiles for it”, “We know the secret to no.1 page ranking” – let your goosebumps rise in fear after this. A true SEO agency would never try to lure you with these glitzy sentences.
  • They don’t have a clear track record to support their claims: When a company tries claiming the expertise in the field but holds nothing that proves the same – be warned. An SEO company must be able to give you an insight into how they work, what techniques they use, and what practices they follow.
  • They offer you submissions at all the search engines out there: There are around 140+ search engines out there, where in fact Google alone muffles 93% of the total market. When an SEO link-building service offers you coverage of all the search engines, stand suspicious. Rarely would one want to spend 90% of their time on things that would make up only near 7% of their total revenue – It is a sheer strategic disaster.
  • They offer the lowest price in the world: Although it is a fair practice that many use to ward of the competition, do not look over the price they might be offering. SEO requires some serious research and companies would always want to charge the bucks for the hard work they do. If someone offers you a suspiciously low price, raise your brows and think that the company might either be a sham or totally novel into this field.
  • They take ownership of your total content: Read out the documents and the contracts they want you to sign beforehand. Many SEO agencies follow this foul practice of taking ownership of all the content on papers. It would not look foul till the time you are with them, but the moment you show them a step back they deprive you of all your work. Worst still, they even do sell the stuff to other competitors.
  • Guaranteed no-1 page ranking: Considering the complexities of google algorithms, that at time surprises even google itself, no one can offer you number one page ranking at google. Updates keep on coming and the page rank keeps on taking soars and dives. It is the easiest spell that scammers use to trick many out for help.

These things could hint that the SEO link-building service is genuine.

There are few qualities that speak for the legitimacy of the company and save you from a pitfall.

  • If the company keeps you updated and in trust about the performance of your website, know that they care for you. No genuine company would want to deprive you of the results and insights into its performance. Showing you just the traffic and nothing else might mean that there is a thing to doubt about. Spam companies can easily drop bot visits into your website, but this would mean nothing in real terms.
  • If your ranking starts to improve for those specific keywords or phrases and you are starting to appear on the first result page (if you get the god’s charm), know that you are in good hands and need to worry less by time.
  • They have recommendations based on their website’s overview. Some extra services might cost you some, but they will prove vital for the growth in the long run. A good company would always try to help you out through recommendations like “start a blog”, “create social media handles about the website”, add alt. texts to the images you put in blogs”, “try keeping the media dimensions the same throughout” – If you get ignorance and fake hopes and consolations, try to sort out or stepping out.
  • You see your revenue going up slowly and potential customers are turning into real customers. This would mean that the traffic you are getting is good and targeted, which is helping you pull down the bounce rate.

Make sure that you do not walk like an ignorant in this highly competitive world. Try getting the fundamentals about the things you are going to deal in: read about the basics of SEO; know the technicalities involved; read advisories; do your own research; ask those already known to it. These little things help bring down the risks involved.

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