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Link Building, a key SEO component plays a significant role how a website fairs in search engine results. Though not a complex process, Link Building requires a professional approach to achieve desirable results. Better understanding of Link Building helps the SEO efforts and the perfect use of techniques for the Link Building process leads to effective SEO results and helps to achieve overall strategic goals and objectives. The overall Link Building approach calls for great planning – supported by concrete and result-oriented ideas.

Before getting into various ideas of Link Building, we need to ensure the Link Building Checklist is followed. Following is the Backlink Checklist:

  1. Replace broken links with live links
  2. Remove the links; the process is straight forward
  3. Redirect (301) the broken page to another relevant page on your website

Link Building ideas are plenty and some of the best ideas that work are discussed herein.

Broken Link Building

Fixing Broken Links also plays a significant part in the Link Building process. Broken Links are non-existent pages for the URL’s which have links but not content. This is shown as 404 error when clicked and gone through that link. Broken Links are the results of not having a page for that link, change in website structure or a webpage moved to a different URL but without URL redirect being done.

Broken Links in a website can be found manually by clicking each link in the website. This is a tedious and time consuming process. So you can use appropriate tools available for this purpose. Online Broken Link Checker tool, Google Search Console and Broken Link Checker, WordPress plug-in can be used to check broken links in a website.

The broken links can be fixed in the following ways:

  •         The Broken Links can be replaced by live links
  •         The Broken Links can be removed
  •         The Broken Link page can be redirected (301) to an existing relevant page

Visual Link Building

Apart from using text, you can use images and videos for Link Building. With the use of prominent and irresistible anchor texts, your images, banners or videos can do a great deal for your backlinks. Alt Text of your image itself can also be used as Anchor Text by search engines. Planned and executed effectively, you can get tons of visitors to your backlinked webpage.

Reviews Link Building

Reviews are the most trusted sources of information when people are in the decision stage of their buying cycle. Writing a true and valuable review about products and making your observations and expressions about a service, topic or issue can get your target audience to visit your website through the backlinks provided.

Social Media Link Building

Social Media can be a great tool for your Link Building process. You can add or use all your relevant links in your social profiles and groups. You can place backlinks to your web pages in your periodic and regular social media posts and updates with the right context and relevance. Carefully placed backlinks with appropriate timings for posts along with profile pages can boost your SEO results and enhance website visibility. You can use a variety of content including text, graphics and videos to boost Link Building results.

Guest Blogging

The process of trading quality content for high authority backlinks with web publishers or content editors is Guest Blogging. You can email niche and high quality website authors and owners to provide you with backlinks in exchange for your high worth content that will help retain visitors to their websites. You have to choose the right platforms and earn backlinks for Guest Blogging. Otherwise, the efforts and costs involved in emailing, writing content and interacting with them will not give you the expected results.

Local Citation Building

Mention of your business on the web with your Company name, Phone, Address, Postal/Zip Code and Website address called Citation Listing helps local SEO. Local Directories, Websites, Apps and Social Media citation help local internet users to get information and help your business to rank accurately on Google Map.

Directories Link Building


Directories in general and Business Directories (national, regional and local) in particular are still relevant tools for Link Building. Directories with history and those getting identifiable by search engines for local business details are sureshot and dependable SEO tools for local SEO.  Based on the quality and updation of the directories, they play a significant part in your Link Building efforts.

Charities & Events

You can use charities and events to earn natural backlinks from .org Charity and .gov Government websites that carry high credibility and thus, boost your SEO.

Issue Based Link Building

When the whole nation or a region is rampantly talking about an issue, it opens a great opportunity for generating backlinks. This go-with-the flow approach makes your Link Building process join the mainstream sentiments of the larger public. If your content or a post can capture the attention of the people at the right moment, that can create an unimaginable number of visitors landing into your website by backlinking. At the same time, your content has to be well articulated and carefully crafted to avoid public resentment, backlash and controversy.

Interactive Link Building

You can use Polls, Contests and Games and do interactive Link Building. This way, you can make the users visit multiple pages as you desire. Examples can be like asking the users to find the answers in different pages for various questions in the games to win chances to get gifts or rewards.

PR Link Building

Digital world is now occupied by media world or news world. The kind of hits and responses news is generating is not easily gauged or judged. Accelerated by people’s moods and political climate prevailing in the country, any given news item whether it is political, technology or people issue can going over the roof and fly high. So, given its power and influence PR is a great and effective backlink tool.

Reciprocal Link Building

Reciprocal Link Building as the name suggests is exchanging URL links with relevant website owners or contributors and placing backlinks in each other’s website/webpage – you and other external website owner. Not only small and medium businesses and professionals, even corporate companies and honchos can do Reciprocal Link Building to boost SEO and get extensive and extremely huge global outreach.

Forum Link Building

Forums and Discussion Groups are where people of like-minds gather and express their views. Even those who want to know the status-quo of an issue or learn about people’s sentiments go through the forum topics and posts, and accordingly form their views and opinions which in most instances influence their decisions to buy products and services or take a stand on certain issues. You can use Forums and Discussion Groups to your advantages for your effective Link Building process.

Thought Leadership Link Building

People look up to Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts to get their opinions, ideas, solutions and suggestions. Subject Matter Experts are highly regarded for their expertise and knowledge especially by the Special Interest groups like SEO Professionals, Digital Marketing Experts, Technicians, Market Strategists, Car Enthusiasts, etc. So, if you are able to create or engage niche writers to create and post highly purposeful, insightful and useful content with relevant backlinks, you will not only build a fan following but also create brand followers and successful business stories for the short and long terms.


Link Building, like Marketing, is a huge subject with multiple sub-topics and functional variables, methods and approaches. Each method or approach has to be undertaken after having great understanding and mastery over it to produce effective results. If so done, sky is the limit.

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