How unified communications could help your business to rein in its spending

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In this current climate, it is important now more than ever before that, as a business, you rein in your spending. In the UK almost one quarter of all businesses have temporarily closed or paused trading due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Studies have also shown that 48% of people lost between 10% and 25% of their income over the pandemic, a sure sign that businesses are cutting costs whenever and however they can. In saying this, however, there are better ways to benefit your businesses financially, without negatively affecting your employees. One of these solutions is unified communications.

What is ‘unified communications’?

Unified communications is a solution that combines multiple communications tools and software into one package. This integrated application allows you to manage voice, video, messaging, file sharing, and more, over one channel.

How can it help you financially?

Better user and consumer experience

First of all, by having all of your channels combined into one app, it can increase productivity massively. This is because it can boost the speed and efficiency in which employers, customers, suppliers and partners can communicate. Helping your employees to be more productive can also increase customer satisfaction rates, which can lead to business growth in the long term.

Reduced installation costs

Instead of having to invest in many different pieces of software, with a company like Gamma, you only need the one. Their unified communications are also cloud based, which means they can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure. This saves you installation and start-up costs that can sometimes be inflated.

Future proof

Another benefit of it being cloud based is that, should there be an upgrade in its tools, platforms or services in the future, this can be done instantly. Unified communications packages are extremely versatile, allowing any updates to be added on in a simple manner, and without any more of those pesky installation costs.

Flexible geographically

If you ever need to downsize your physical building, or even upscale, you can easily take your unified communications with you. This also means that you can outsource certain communications tasks to other places – or even countries for that matter – and the calls will still seem as though they have been made or received in your office.

Bespoke packages

Unified communications solutions also tend to be extremely flexible. Say you only need a couple of the features for the time being? Well, that’s all you’ll need to pay for! You only need to use what is required, and you only need to pay for what you use.

Cut travel expenses

Not only can unified communications help you to rein in your spending, but it can also boost workforce productivity and reduce your carbon footprint while you’re at it. Instead of wasting time and money for people to travel out of town for business meetings, you can easily switch to instant messaging or video conferencing.

Overall, unified communications can help you rein in your spending, cut your costs, and potentially boost your profits, all with one nifty app. Not only will it positively benefit your finances now, but it will continue to save you money for years to come.

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