How legit is Omri Shafran? Observe carefully

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We have been living a strict pandemic life for more than two years already. It changed our daily routines, left some painful scars, and taught us some lessons. At some point, Covid-19 boosted modern medicine and technology go further as well.

One of the most apparent examples could be the development of vaccines that were invented and certified rapidly. Besides that, the medical industry witnessed the introduction of a vast number of technological innovations and some valuable tools.

However, some try to profit from this urgent need for innovation and offer uncertified, false services to inexperienced and stressed society.

One possible example is Omri Shafran, CEO of Texas Medical Technology. The company is engaged in the supply of medical PPE and related technologies. As we all know, proper protection protocols are essential to prevent COVID.

What is concerning about Omri Shafran and related companies?

So why did Omri Shafran caught our attention? Let’s go through the details.

Through an online survey, there are some questions about the latest business venture involving Omri Shafran. Texas Medical Technology is an entity of a group of affiliated companies. This group includes other companies, such as Texas Medical Manufacturing, Texas Tec Health, and iNitrile, all of which have the same business address, contact information, and control personnel. Already sounds mysterious.

Let’s carefully observe the links below:


Here, on the bottom right side of the screen, you see a surgical glove machine. Take note of the machine and the machine’s name boxed in red, produced by INitrile. Below, we checked INitrile’s website and the same exact product:

The screen is taken from the INtrile website. While both screenshots demonstrate the same exact machines, visually, they look entirely different.


So why is this machine clearly different and obviously better quality in the first photo?

Well, we recently discovered that the first photo is a patented surgical glove-wearing machine, which has almost the same function as the one that “iNitrile” claims.

The machine already exists, has passed all research and development stages, and is about to be put in mass production. But how did it end up at Omri’s website?

Then who owns the machine?

The company that owns the actual machine has nothing to do with Omri Shafran, his group of companies, or his partners. We contacted the company that owns this machine (Figure 1) for comments, but they only said that Ormi Shafran did meet with them in 2020. Here, Omri heard about their ongoing project of glove machines.

Their project aimed to reduce the healthcare industry’s cost every year by reducing waste by 40% and improving hygiene standards by integrating CMMS with the machine.

No human contact would be required. This machine would have many other unique features, which means that the company would need to research it for a long time, not just a few months.

The company did not wish to continue cooperation with Shafran as they said lots of question marks regarding his goals and ideas. As the legal proceedings regarding this case are ongoing, the company does not wish to comment further. So, they cut off the connection.

Therefore, it did not finish here for Omri. After a very short time, Omri Shafran returned to the US and started promoting “his own” surgical gloves machine. How? Did he manage to build it by himself? Well, It is almost impossible to develop such a serious featured machine in several months, meaning that was obviously a lie.

So what did Omri post on his website? He posted a patent version of the machine that actually belongs to an entirely different company!

His actual machine has nothing close to it, meaning that he has been secretly selling the wrong, uncertified machines!

What other red flags can we find?

Well, you might still ask why could not he manage to build the machine after several months. Let’s give this issue further explanation too.

In addition to investment claims, stolen images, possible patent infringement, he and his business partners claim to have more than 300 employees in their Houston, Texas. Well, this is also a lie. In reality, we found that the addresses associated with these companies have only 30-50 employees. 30-50 employees could not possibly build such advanced machines and put for mass production so fast!

Also, Omri and his companies are not on any official listings of manufacturers in Texas or the US as manufacturers of Nitrile gloves or other PPE as they claim, so how can they gain trust?

What has Omri gained so far?

Omri proceeded with his PR campaign pretty successfully. After lying to investors about his crazy advanced glove machine, Omri managed to receive a $33 million investment for the project. Where did all this money go? Well, maybe it went for building fake glove machines at much higher prices? We don’t know, but it is obvious there are a waaay lot of red flags around this person.


To sum up, it raises lots of question marks about Omri Shafran’s legacy. The case is still under investigation, but still, we suggest investors avoid cooperating with them, as it might just be another money-stealing fraud.

Putting money in any start-up becomes risky as the internet is getting full of online fraud. Research, find all the answers, don’t leave any question marks in your head, find out about previous clients’ experiences, and then decide if it’s worth investing in them, or purchasing expensive products from them, or not.

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