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Choosing the right type of GPS trackers for your business fleet

With advancing technology and smartphones, GPS tracking is becoming an integral part of everyday life. Aside from the personal uses of GPS tracking we now couldn’t live without, like Google Maps, GPS has also proved advantageous for business. GPS tracking can strengthen efficiency of processes within a business, alongside allowing management to collect data insights into the running of the business. GPS tracking is particularly valuable for fleet management, as it can allow for budgeting, route planning and improved overall efficiency. When investing in a GPS tracking system for your vehicle fleet, you want to ensure your investment is well placed. There are a few key features and qualities in a GPS tracking system to look out for that can be essential to fleet management.


Modern, high tech car GPS trackers from expert providers like Online Spy Shop, often come with compatible software which can be used on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. This software allows management to see each GPS tracker and its location on a map. This software enables management to track, monitor and plan their employees movements. Software can also collate data insights, providing management overviews of mileage travelled, idle time and most frequent routes taken. This allows for budgeting and overall improved efficiency. Purchasing a GPS tracking system with this kind of software would be a great asset to the business.

Smart Sims

When investing in a GPS tracking system, you may want to consider purchasing trackers which have a smart SIM slot. GPS trackers do not need SIM cards to function,  however a SIM card can enhance the capabilities and performance of a GPS tracker. GPS trackers work by receiving signals from GPS satellites orbiting the earth. A GPS tracker with a SIM card, can use a combination of GPS, WiFi and bluetooth to help pinpoint your location. This makes the tracker more accurate. More so, SIM installed GPS trackers can also send text messages. If a driver, for example, has broken down or been in an accident, a predefined emergency message can be sent to a number of your choice, to signal help is needed. Due to the extra capabilities a SIM enabled GPS tracker has, we recommend purchasing these for fleet management, as they provide higher accuracy.


Another function to look out for in a GPS tracking system is geofencing. Geofencing is a very handy tool that can quicken processes within any business. A geofence is an area drawn on a map, which when entered or left, an automatic notification is sent to a predefined number. A great use of geofencing is easing the clocking in and out of shifts for employees. Management could set up a geofence around the business premise, which immediately records staff entering and leaving work. This gives employees more independence, as they can seamlessly enter and leave work. This also records exact working hours, meaning no human error can affect staff wages. Geofencing could also be handy for alerting customers when deliveries have arrived, speeding up parcel drop offs and improving general operating efficiency. The convenience that geofencing offers should make it a key feature to search for when purchasing a GPS tracking system for your business.


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